Worlds’ Greatest Hospitality Talent FAQs

What qualifications are needed for me to be eligible to apply?

We are looking for people with a Bachelor of Arts or equivalent. This can be in any discipline or subject and is not limited to hospitality. We also encourage people with an equivalent qualification and some work experience to apply. If you have not yet completed your studies after high school, you may not be eligible to apply.

At which school will the MBA programme be?

You will do the MBA at the American University in Dubai.

What is the starting date of the programme?

If you are selected as the World’s Greatest Hospitality Talent, you will start the three year programme on 1 September 2018.

Will I be employed by Emaar Hospitality Group?

If you are selected as the World’s Greatest Hospitality Talent, you will be employed at Emaar Hospitality Group throughout the three year programme. You will be offered a competitive salary commensurate with your experience and industry standards. We will also offer you accommodation, health insurance and annual flights home. Once you have successfully completed the three year programme, you will be offered a role either as a hotel General Manager or a Corporate Director with us.

What information do you have about the three-year programme?

Emaar has won awards for its leadership training initiatives and a dedicated programme will be created for you which will comprise of gaining visibility of all aspects of the operational, strategic and commercial aspects of running a hotel business. A programme outline might include the following:
1. A shadowing programme across all our hotel brands
2. Job rotation across functional departments at our hotels and in the corporate office
3. Lead a new initiative for Emaar Hospitality Group from inception to execution and running of the project
4. Put together a cross functional team to develop new concepts
5. Develop strategies for new projects around the world
6. Manage a P&L for one of our businesses
7. Work on a new project during the pre-opening period

If for any reason, I cannot complete the three year programme, what will happen?

We do hope that the person that is selected will be able to make a dedicated commitment to Emaar Hospitality Group and will take on the role in good faith with the intention of becoming a leader in our company. Should, for any reasons, circumstances change, we will assess the situation at that point.

What are the dates for the casting session in Dubai in July?

We have not yet confirmed these but the dates will be confirmed by June 8, 2018.

Will you arrange all the logistics of my trip and stay in Dubai?

Yes, Emaar Hospitality Group will arrange a visa, hotel accommodation and take care of all your needs in Dubai for the casting week in July. If you are selected, we will offer you accommodation or an accommodation allowance as well as arrange all your work permits and residency requirements.